Monday, April 25, 2011

Do you have a wireless router in your home?

Is your home wireless network password protected?
We've known for a long time that bad people are attempting to steal passwords and any other sensitive information they can get their hands on from us.
Now there's something new they are trying to steal!  
Here's what's been happening. . . 
A growing number of people are having law enforcement officers show up at their homes.   Crashing thru doors in the middle of the night, entering their homes with guns drawn,  searching for criminals!
They’re looking for the pedophile that's been downloading illegal child pornography,  and they think you did it!  
Criminals are getting smarter, they know they can get caught if they download these images from their own homes.  So now they've been driving around till they find a connection that’s not protected.   Then all they do is log on and start downloading and it looks like you're the one doing it!
We’ve even heard of a man in Florida who had agents show up at his apartment in the middle of the night.   What they eventually figured out was -  a criminal had docked his boat in a marina  outside of his home and downloaded 10 million images of child porn. 
Guess who the cops thought did it?
These homeowners have gone thru a living nightmare, being falsely accused of a crime, it was just assumed that they were lying about being innocent.
Hopefully, eventually, everyone who is innocent will be cleared of wrongdoing, but to the police, you’ll look like the suspect until you do.
Here is the bottom line . . .
Password-protect your wireless router. It'll save you a lot trouble.
All the best.
Lou & Debbie

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