Monday, June 13, 2011

Cancer is Serious "BU$INE$$"

If you know someone who has cancer, you need to send this to them.
Please take the time to view it before it expires, this video will only be available until the 20th for free, please watch this today.
If you or anyone you know has had cancer it's a must see. It might be a rude awakening for some people but I've been aware of the inner workings of Big Pharma and the FDA for a long time.
Many of you who know us, know that we don't go to doctors, instead we've been going the non-traditional route for many years. If your reading this blog, you know that Pharma tries to destroy anything labeled as "alternative".  Pay special attention to the dialogue of the Chinese scientist as he explains just how the system works in a capitalist environment.
After watching this video, we would highly recommend Dr. Burzynski to people with cancer issues.
So please grab a friend, pull up a chair and watch the whole show. It's really worth it.
Here is the link to the video - please forward this to those you care about.

Please watch this video.

All the Best,
Lou & Debbie

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