Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Drug Ingredients and the FDA

So, do you trust the FDA to monitor the import of drug components from all over the world?  
Who believes that they're going to control the import from manufactures for the other 80% of ingredients in Prescription Drugs? 
Not Me!
I'll tell you something, I'm really glad that we don't take any medications.
Just got this today and thought you'd be interested.
All the best,
Lou & Debbie

Drug Industry Daily       June 28, 211

A recently released report from the FDA says close to 80 percent of the active ingredients found in pharmaceutical products originate abroad.

“Americans are not going to restrict themselves to seasonal and locally grown food. Nor will we limit ourselves to the drugs and devices that can be developed and manufactured using only ingredients and parts that come from within the U.S.,” blogger Steven Grossman says. Through international cooperation, the FDA has set up a plan to monitor the import of pharmaceutical ingredients by assembling global coalitions of regulators through partnerships with foreign counterparts, developing a global data system that will allow information to be shared and continuing to expand its capabilities in intelligence gathering.

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