Friday, June 10, 2011

FDA issues warning against Statins!

Here is another example of how listening to the established medical model can get you into trouble (or by watching commercials on TV!). 
Here we go again, now another one of the magic bullets from the drug companies is once again being issued new safety warnings.
Please share this with people who are taking these dangerous products.
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FDA issues warning against high doses of simvastatin  06/10/2011

 FDA on Wednesday issued new safety restrictions on high-dose simvastatin, which also is sold under the brand name Zocor, because of concerns that it can cause a potentially severe muscle disease called myopathy, the New York Times'"Prescriptions" reports.

About 2.1 million U.S. residents in 2010 were prescribed simvastatin at the 80-milligram dose, which is the highest approved dose of the cholesterol-lowering drug. FDA is recommending that physicians only continue to prescribe the high dose to patients who have been taking it for at least one year without any adverse muscle pain. 

The agency reviewed the results of a seven-year study and found that patients taking that dose were at a greater risk than those taking lower doses or other statins. FDA will be "making label changes to reduce the risk of statin-associate muscle injury," according to Eric Colman of FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

The recommendation also applies to Vytorin and Simcor, which are combination drugs sold by Merck and Schering-Plough, and Abbott Laboratories, respectively (Wilson, "Prescriptions," 
New York Times, 6/8; Stein, "The Checkup," Washington Post, 6/8).

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