Saturday, June 11, 2011

Government says that formaldehyde & styrene causes cancer

Now the government is saying that formaldehyde is a cancer-causing agent!  Is it just us, or is it that every time we turn around there is something we’ve known ourselves (all you need is a little common sense) is bad for us. 
For years I have been telling anyone who would listen to avoid anything that has this in it.  This includes aspartame, which breaks down in the bloodstream into formaldehyde!
Please share this with people you know, we need to get this info out.   Will keep putting out more info, have a great post on the benefits of Lemons on fighting cancer, it's still up if you need it.
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Lou & Debbie

The government says the industrial chemical formaldehyde causes Cancer and that styrene, which is used worldwide in the manufacture of fiberglass and food containers, may cause cancer.     
The National Institutes of Health says people with higher measures of exposure to formaldehyde are at increased risk for certain types of rare cancers, including in the upper part of the throat behind the nose.     
The strong-smelling chemical is widely used to make resins for household items, including paper product coatings, plastics and textile finishes. It also is commonly used as a preservative in medical laboratories, mortuaries and consumer products including some hair straightening products.     
The government says styrene is a component of tobacco smoke, and  NIH says the greatest exposure to the chemical is through cigarette smoking.

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