Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Maybe you should not read this - your blood pressure might go up!

Wow, My head almost exploded! This is what is wrong with our country.
This jerk wants to use the force of government to: 
"nudge consumers toward more fuel efficient cars"
I am so sick of people like this, and I bet you are too!
It's time to get off our rear ends and stand up to people like this.
I don't need nudged toward anything!
We can make a decision that's best for our family's with the government nudging us, don't you think?
We need private enterprises to come up with something new and better.  
When the CEO of GM wants to raise gas tax another dollar to sell more junk cars, he crossed the line. 
We need to tell the government to get out of our lives!
I will never buy another new GM car - ever, what about you?
Would love to hear what you think.
All the best,
Lou & Debbie
(Sorry I made your blood pressure explode :-)

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